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About Us

When the time comes in your life that an attorney is needed, EXPERIENCE probably counts more than anything else. For over three decades, David Hill has vigorously handled the individualized needs of his clients. David is not a television lawyer, and has no nicknames. He personally handles the cases he undertakes. When you call David Hill, you will NOT be handed off to some associate. He will personally handle your case and will be available to you throughout the representation. He has represented hundreds and hundreds of clients over the years. People, just like you, who have been injured by the negligence of others in car and truck wrecks, on the job injuries, or injuries from unsafe products.

Although many cases settle after they have been thoroughly worked up and prepared by David, he has the ability, knowledge, and confidence to take your case to a jury verdict. He has been involved as lead counsel, as well as co-counsel in monumental trials and settlements, such as Waites v. Beverly Enterprises, in which a jury awarded his clients $83 million dollars after a three week trial against the largest nursing home corporation in the United States. This is still the largest jury award for personal injuries in Rusk County, Texas history. See Our Results.

Why not let David Hill review your case and help you fight for what you have lost? There is no cost to you for the first consultation. He will give you an honest, no non-sense evaluation of your particular situation You can rest assured that the big insurance companies and those that have harmed you have hired the best lawyers they can find to represent their interests. You deserve and will require nothing less than the very best to fully represent you.

It is always harmful to your case to wait or delay before pursuing your rights. In fact, the insurance industry hopes that you will wait as long as possible before seeking legal help. During this time they know that valuable evidence can disappear, as well as witnesses can become hard to find. Whether you decide to hire David or not, it is essential that you find a lawyer to help you as soon as you can.